Millcreek FIDOS Candidate Forum, Save the date!

Hello SLC 2013 Candidates!

Please save the evening of Monday, September 23rd for the Millcreek FIDOS Candidate Forum to be held at Sprague Library. Because of the large number of candidates this year, we have decided to wait until after the primary, so only those of you that survive will be asked to attend (of course, the rest of you are welcome to come sit in the audience). We will, however, send out a questionnaire in the next couple of weeks, and all of your answers will be posted on our website for our 2,000+ members to read before the primary. For those of you unfamiliar with our non-profit, Millcreek FIDOS was founded in 2001 when Millcreek Canyon was under threat of closure to all dogs. Our group was instrumental in negotiating the current odd/even rules with the Forest Service and Salt Lake County. Our mission statement is:

The MILLCREEK F.I.D.O.S. (Friends Interested in Dogs and Open Space) are a group of concerned individuals who have joined together to help secure off-leash areas for companion dogs and their owners in the Salt Lake County area. F.I.D.O.S. works with local governments and regulatory agencies to secure and maintain off-leash areas.

We also work to educate dog owners about the importance of responsible dog ownership, including having a well-socialized and well-behaved dog, keeping one’s dog under control, and the all-important cleaning up after one’s dog (because we don’t like stepping in poop either!). Please visit our website above for more information, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Polly Hart, Director

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