Primary Elections

Attention all FIDOS -
If you live in a city, please remember to head to the polls tomorrow.  In Salt Lake City, there will be a big change in membership on the City Council that could be very important for off leash issues, not only future developments at Parleys (Tanner) Park but with a proposal that is moving along in Mayor Becker’s office related to dog off leash policies that has some areas of concern to FIDOS.

FIDOS representatives have been contacted by and have met with some of the candidates for Salt Lake City Council.  We wanted you to be aware of the candidates who considered FIDOS an important group to talk with. 
FIDOS representatives have met with Deb Henry and Topher Horman.  Both have dogs, have used Parleys (Tanner) and seem to understand our issues and needs.
Erin Mendenhall has also contacted us but we have been unable to meet as yet due to summer schedules.
Stan Penfold has been a friend to FIDOS and our issues during his term in office.  He voted in favor of the failed proposal for Parleys that would have given us more space and involvement and FIDOS supported him in the last election cycle. 
We have not been approached by any of the candidates in this district.

Also, please remember the FIDOS CANDIDATE FORUM that has been scheduled for Monday, September 23rd, at 7:00 PM at the Sprague Branch (Sugar House) Library.  This will be your opportunity to meet and talk with the candidates who make it through the primaries.  We will also be sending the candidate’s answers to a written questionnaire to you as we receive them.

Again, remember to exercise your right to choose the people who will be representing you in the future.  There are many things to consider as you make your choice, but we ask that you consider the needs of our canine friends while making your decision.  If you need more information about the primary election in your area, please visit the Salt Lake County Clerk’s website at .

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  1. HealthyPetsMW says:

    Hi! I represent a brand new store on the wasatch front called Healthy Pets Mountain West, an email about what you’re all about just made it’s way through the grapevine to my inbox and we love what you’re all about! I just wanted to show our support for what you’re doing and say we’ll be keeping an eye out on ways we can stay involved in the future!

  2. Matt Hansen says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for reaching out. The best person to contact would be Rita Lund. or by phone at 801-550-5474.



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