Attention Lindsey Gardens Users- Your input is needed this Wednesday!

What: Greater Avenues Community Council

When: Wednesday, October 2, 7:00pm
Where: Sweet Library, 9th Ave and F Street
If you live in the Avenues and/or use Lindsey Gardens, the battle against the fence continues.  City staff has not given up their fight to fence in the existing off-leash area at Lindsey Gardens.  Please attend the Greater Avenues Community Council this Wednesday, and let your voice be heard.  Last time this was on their agenda, the opposition came out in full force, and the off-leash users were largely absent.  Please attend, and bring your friends and children!  Staff will use any opportunity to argue that our voices shouldn’t count!!!  Below is the article from the October GACC Newsletter.  If you are unable to attend, please send an email to Tara at the City (her email is at the bottom of the article) and bcc  
Thank you, Millcreek FIDOS
Lindsey Gardens Off-Leash Dog Park Update 
The January and February GACC meetings were focused on the issue of the off-leash dog park in Lindsey Gardens. Eight months later, Ann Ober, the Salt Lake City Public Services Administrative Services Director, will attend our October 2 meeting to bring us up-to-date regarding the proposal to fence the area. Because no firm decision or time frame has been reached, staff at Public Services is still taking public comments and suggestions.  
Contact Tara Hasenoehrl at (801) 535-7116 or 


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