Important Notice if you Walk in Parleys/Tanner

Attention all FIDOS,
I hope you have seen the notices posted in Parleys (aka Tanner or simply the “Gully”) announcing an open house to be held:
April 24th,
from 6 – 8 PM
at the Sugarhouse Park Garden Center (1602 E 2100 S). 
The notice asks for public input concerning:
Future development elements planned for the gully
It mentions the Parleys Management Plan and the Implementation Plan.
FIDOS Concerns:
Fencing that is planned for this summer all the way to the east end, closing off many more acres (and shady trails) from our use.  Dogs and their owners we will be pushed almost halfway up the big field
Dogs and their owners will lose what is referred to in the Management Plan as the “Creek Trail”.
Resulting in allowing us what amounts to only the use of one fenced trail that we can use to walk up and down.
There will be no loop trails, no open areas as promised in the Management Plan.
None of the implementation steps outlined in the Management Plan have been followed, the city has simply moved to the most punitive and expensive extreme.
They would like to know what we think about some other planned “elements”, please try to attend the meeting and let them know.

Cost to Dog Owners:
The Mayor’s office also is promoting a new off leash plan that would place additional restrictions on our user group along with fees to use the ever smaller spaces we have left to us without adding anything new.  The proposed fee for using off leash areas (including Parleys/Tanner) would be $5 for residents and $25 for non-residents.  There is no real explanation about how the money raised would be used but it would get us no more than we now have.

We need a Dog and Dog Owner Friendly person at the City to be our Liaison as a valid speaking organization for the City & County Dog Owners and their Dogs
This Administration continues to do everything in its power (and it has a lot of power) to diminish our user group and to take away space and add restrictions - attend the meeting and tell them that we do not want or need more “amenities”, we simply need open space that we can use to recreate with our furry friends.  We simply want to be treated in the same manner as other valid user groups.

There has not been any inclusion or outreach to FIDOS or other specific dog owner groups in the City or County.
Please share this message with everyone.
Your Friends at Millcreek FIDOS
“Bark Now or Forever Hold Your Leash!”

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