FIDOS Meeting

Dear FIDOS -
It’s been pretty quiet in the doggie world but there are lots of things in the works – good and bad – that we need to get working on.  We have some great opportunities coming up and some really, really bad things that could happen if we don’t gear back up.
Mayor Becker is not content with the extreme restrictions that are already in place in Parleys (Tanner) and is working on more fences, fees, etc. that will affect everyone who likes to use the area. He has also proposed some pretty extreme policy recommendations that would impact everything “dog” in Salt Lake City.  The City Council has taken note and included FIDOS in working on a counter proposal that we are hopeful will address the actual concern, which we all know is a lack of adequate, comfortable space for our user group, both those who love neighborhood spaces where they can get their dogs some exercise while they spend time with friends and those who like to get exercise along with their dogs and prefer a shady trail.
There are things happening in the County as well.  For the first time ever, the parks department has mentioned in their plans that they will consider off leash space other than Millcreek Canyon.
On top of that, there are events to be planned and education/clean up efforts that need to take place.
We haven’t had a meeting for way too long.  Please join other dog-lovers next Monday, August 4th, at 7:00 PM at the Millcreek Community Center (2266 Evergreen Avenue) in the library meeting room at the west end of the building.
We need to get re-invigorated!!  If you care about access to open space to use with your dogs off-leash join us and lend a hand.  We need your help!!!
“Bark Now or Forever Hold Your Leash!!”
Your Friends at Millcreek FIDOS


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